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Ham Shack Project

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

I’m starting up a new project: build a dedicated outdoor W6RK ham shack.

I purchased 8′x12′ shed from Home Depot yesterday. This is one of their standard Tuff Shed Tall Barn models. You can find out more information about it in They will be building it during the next 4-6 weeks. With couple of options (window, large overhead lofts, shelving), the cost was about $2800. Surprisingly there was no sales tax on sheds. That’s a relief for hams :-)

Tuff Shed Tall Barn... from web site

Basically my plan is to have this shed as my dedicated ham shack in the corner of my backyard. After it’s build, that’s just 50% of the project: electricity, grounding, computer networks, coax, air conditioning, heating, carpet, thermal insulation & indoor sheet rock, painting, furniture, lightning, etc needs to be put in. A lot of work ahead on all of those things.

Stay tuned here… I’m going to post pictures as we go. My target is to be QRV from the shack in February and work on additional enhancements in March/April.


Risto, W6RK