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Icom IC-7000 first impressions de W6RK

Friday, December 9th, 2005

I’ve had my IC-7000 since Monday 12/5/05. Here are my first impressions (besides what’s already known by reading specs):

  • the audio with small speaker isn’t very good. I tried with external speaker and that sounds much better.
  • For me, very important aspect of this radio will be that I can control it remotely and work CW from other locations. I have a dedicated linux server controlling my Icom stack (IC-7000, IC-718 and IC-R8500) that feeds audio to Teamspeak server and rig is controlled through secured tunnel over ssh and Com Port redirector. Ham Radio Deluxe just came out with new beta version that supports IC-7000. The version is 3.3b954 and it can be downloaded from The command set for the remote control for IC-7000 is excellent.
  • TV mod is out… it requires cutting one diode. I haven’t done it yet.
  • IF filters are really neat. No filters to buy… You can preset 3 different filters from anywhere between 50 Hz and 3.6 kHz on CW/SSB and choose sharp or soft filter edges. They really work.
  • It has 60m transmit.
  • There’s no keypad entry for direct frequency entry in the rig, but you can do it with the HM-151 microphone that came with the radio.
  • There has been big debate about DTMF on ic7000 mailing list. Apparently you can’t send those from the microphone buttons but you are able to preprogram those to the rig and send with one button. Not a big deal for me.
  • Separate antenna connection for HF/6m and 2m/70cm. This can be good or bad. I only have one coax going to the roof and over there antennas are connecting to the Ameritron RCS-10 switch box. So, I need to figure out some good solution: pull the second coax for VHF/UHF antenna or have an antenna switch in the shack switching between antenna inputs (any ideas for that?).
  • I still haven’t got my LDG Z-100 tuner to work properly. It tunes from the tuner button but not from the rig. Someone on the ic7000 mailing list told that it worked for him but I haven’t got it working yet. Not that big deal right now since all my antennas are pretty low SWR on CW bands but I would like to get this working one day.
  • Microphone connection don’t have audio (AF) out. I got an adapter from 8-pin plug so I could get back on RTTY/PSK31 (using AFSK) but for my surprise it didn’t give me audio. Duh, manual tells that but who reads them? Digital modes can be run from ACC or separate data plugs behind the radio. So, I need to get correct cables/adapters before I can tell about PSK31/RTTY and other digital mode experiences.
  • I don’t know if SWR meter works on 2m/70cm. Or I have perfect 1:1 SWR on my antennas?

I’m going to post more impressions later on my Ham Blog: Please visit to find out more.


Risto, W6RK

Icom IC-7000

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Ok… after long time juggling between Icom IC-756PRO3, Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV and Icom IC-7000, I made my decision today and paid my next rig. It is Icom IC-7000 and I should be able to pick it up from HRO Oakland on Monday afternoon.

Specs in the radio seem very impressive and unlike FT1000 or Pro3, this rig also has 2m and 70cm multimode (=CW/SSB included, not just FM).

Update: I got my IC-7000. So far I like it a lot …